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Wanderlost commented on Trump supporters aren’t racists

Actually, Mr. Sohan, you have that saying completely backwards. The earliest documented evidence of the saying is from French jurist and academic Anselme Polycarpe Batbie. A rough translation is:

“He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his hea…


No, ma'am. Political correctness is about silencing anyone who does not toe the progressive (Socialist) line. There is nothing kind or civil about it. Just look at the invective thrown at anyone who does not pander to whatever "victim" group is shrieking the loudest that particular day, o…


Wanderlost commented on Do Just One Thing

The ivy also destroys your siding, brick, stone, mortar, claws its way into your windows, destroying the frames, and stops other plants from growing nearby.

This is an absolutely terrible idea.


Can't speak to the transportation, but from the proposed location to FM 1863/Alyssa Ave is a mile. That's where the restaurants and shopping begin, and there is a lot of it and more being built.


"...they could take the attitude of where we’re not making any money here so we’re just going to let them fail and let the lake go to mud...”

One would hope they would not take such an attitude, as it would completely negate the reason for those organizations to continue in existence.


Wanderlost commented on Editorial skips facts about the war

Actually, slavery would have ended within another generation, simply because technology was making it obsolete by 1860. But the hotheads on both sides refused to let it die quietly, and we are still dealing with that war's effects.


Wanderlost commented on Not providing names is dangerous

Quincy, you have zero evidence, from Ron's letter, to automatically assume that, because he was able to identify Bill Clinton's actions as meeting all the clues, Ron supports President Trump.

All he did was put the clues together and find exactly what many of us who lived through the C…


bertelsen, your last sentence has been thoroughly debunked. Kavanaugh wrote no such thing. The original report was from someone who could not read legalese and got it completely wrong.

That said, what actual Kavanaugh writings frighten you so much?


Appreciate that. I do much prefer to read the H-Z over any other paper, whether on line or on paper. I read it for the local stuff, could care less what AP or The Texas Tribune has to say. Locals are so very much more interesting.


Wanderlost commented on Used book shop coming to NB

There's also a bookstore at Tye Preston Memorial Library, Canyon Lake. Staffed by the Friends of TPML, the bookstore is open Tues-Sat, 10-4. All proceeds go to support programs at TPML.