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This is very well said. Thank you.

I agree. Leave the Buddhists in peace.

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Mr Aiden. Gun reform can only come from elected officials. Voting is an active step towards electing officials who will “#doSomething”. I believe that was the purpose of the registration. I’m glad you asked the question.

Ms. Bell, you are a breath of fresh air for New Braunfels. I look forward to the community getting to know you. Welcome home.

[thumbup] Thank you, Mr. Baird, for this information. It is such a small change to the gun ownership process - I cannot fathom why there is opposition to it. I feel like the NRA is really reaching to find justification to defeat it. People in our subdivision sell guns to each other someti…

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It makes me happy to see my neighbors gather together to promote humane treatment of persons seeking asylum in our country. This goes beyond political affiliation; no human should be treated as we are treating those in detention centers. We can do so much better.

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I am a liberal and a pacifist. I condemn Proud Boys and Antifa in equal measure. To focus only on Antifa without including Proud Boys in the day's events results in the context of the day being lost. Proud Boys emerged in 2016. Does that date ring a bell? Starting in 2016, we saw acceptan…

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I believe the internet is a phenomenon that historians will mark as the beginning of the earth's global community. The internet operates globally, largely self regulated, and twenty years after inception is still working darn well. Let us not join the ranks of short-sighted nations that ha…

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[smile] My granddaughter and I have been the recipient of a Kris Creation -- it was a very special trip to Whataburger for us!

I like seeing our central Texas counties become a more active two-party area. It is good for all of us.