October 11th, 1956

Paul Roberts commented on We need effective government

An outstanding assessment of the current Covid19 situation in America Mr. Wittwer. The only thing I would "slightly" disagree with is your opinion regarding status of our country's healthcare system.

While it is one of the best in the world, it's not near the best for a large and si…

Paul Roberts commented on Proud to be an American

This editorial brought a good laugh to start the day. Mr. Volz is obviously a fan of White House Senior Advisor, Kellyanne Conway, when she states "one must always consider alternative facts!" President Trump...patriotic and respects the Constitution??? LOL

Flynn confessed to lying twice to the FBI and apparently lied twice again in court when he claimed he was guilty of perjury. This Justice Department is so corrupt it disgust me. It's become a political weapon under Trump.

Paul Roberts commented on Scare tactics from Cox

Bob Page...there has been absolutely no evidence to support your accusation. When the government finally passed laws that all licensed gun dealers must do background checks on people wishing to purchase their guns....the government nor any other institution hasn't come banging on your doo…

Ruth Pharis, the former Comal County Republican Party Chairperson, said in this article, "this is what democrats do, we don't do this." What a ridiculous statement! Immediately after reading today's edition of the Herald, I begin reading today's edition of the San Antonio Express and News…

Paul Roberts commented on Perspective on the Flynn dismissal case

Your position loses it's credibility when you literally "dismiss" the Logan Act which criminalizes a negotiation by unauthorized American citizens while attempting to represent the United States and a foreign government.

Sorry, it's the law. You seem to just want the law to "go away…

Paul Roberts commented on A new look at abortion debate

Well thought out and written editorial.

Paul Roberts commented on God does not take sides

I find it so sickeningly ironic that the party that publicly attempts to align itself with God (republicans) is actually the party most ANTI God. Republicans are the party of PRO- DEATH. Republican policies; attempt to kick tens of million Americans off healthcare (knowing thousands will die…

Paul Roberts commented on A deserving Texan of the Year recipient

The Texas Legislative Conference has exposed a great lack of credibility in awarding Smith this award. This is obviously a joke!

Paul Roberts commented on A GOP vote sustains success

Vote republican if you want to continue massive deficits, tax give aways to the wealthy, defy scripture by closing the doors to immigrants, reducing/eliminating social programs for the homeless and poor, kick the sick off health care by the millions resulting in thousands of deaths that coul…