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JackM commented on Our failed Supreme Court

@ Bob Page - I just don’t see how you can blame the Democrat Party for the actions of courts that have been staffed by Republicans. You “law and order” guys need to understand that the law is not made to order.

JackM commented on Our failed Supreme Court

Actually, Republican appointees hold the majority on the Supreme Court and 7 of the 13 Federal Appeals courts.

Two weeks after we reopened for Memorial Day....who woulda thunk it?

Perhaps her views do not represent the GOP, but show me one Dem that would have shared a post like that.

No, I believe my readers are pretty smart. Newspaper readers usually are. But you have proven that every rule has an exception.

I never said the U.S. was behind that. Just thought it was an interesting lead off for the column.

I guess asking for critical reading ability was setting the bar a little too high.

I think we should wait a least 100 years.

How about some figures for the cost of health care? National debt? Wage rates alone do not tell the whole story.

JackM commented on A question on racism

I don’t think voting for Trump is a racist action in and of itself, but to vote for Trump is to condone his racism. It’s a fine line.