Elton Schwab

Sadly I rather have apartment built than manufactured homes. These communities take only about five years before they became an eyesore and crime infested. Yes this is a stereotyped view of these communities, but the truth is the truth. I also would like to know which of the local school …

This is a situation that the Herald needs to stay on top of. The city talks about affordable housing but basically drops the ball when the citizens need more. There should be a free shuttle that takes these folks up and down Walnut to the HEBs and Walmart. The street crossings should also…

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We need to save some of the Texas hill country that is so close to being annihilated. I'll be praying for help to save this property and thwart developers efforts.

Why am I not excited about any of this development? Sigh...

How much affordable housing is in each school district? This does make a difference as to funding in the districts.

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Sigh...so sad some smokers just can't git rid of their cigarettes properly

Thank you!

Congratulations young ladies. My niece, a CISD grad, has been teaching with the district for several years.

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So with all this "wonderful" growth, are there plans for a new high school? Can the present high school hold the possible 3k to 4k students that may be in the future?

Hmmm. Heard these promises before for trailer parks.