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Bob's Page commented on Senate should do its job

Donald Trump has had a target on his back since he was elected. You couldn’t beat him in the election so you dreamed u schemes and lies planted traitors and spies to do it. It’s not DJT dividing this country is malicious and hateful liberals doing that. The media is helping destroy our fa…

Uninformed comments. Seeing things only through the eyes of the biased media and the left & right coast manipulators

Bob's Page commented on Cassata’s column was off base

Joyce and Stephan. You are hypocrites but that’s not unusual for socialist Democrats. You blame Trump for everything and have eaten from the poisonous fruit fro the left & right coasts of NY / Calif you love them so much go live there.

Thank you Donald. Jefferson’s vision is exactly what is happening today. Those in office not only have forgotten what being governed feels like they’ve gotten filthy rich in the process.

Bob's Page commented on Journalism standards, now and then

Dirty Jack, you just described yourself, you do nothing but repeat CNN gossip, innuendo and do nothing but hurl insults. Bad manners make for bad habits.

Bob's Page commented on Not a lynching

Imagine that, a left leaning liberal forgetting what the Democrats called the impeachment of their beloved Clinton a "political Lynching" So convenient to forget the past. Wouldn't you say?

Bob's Page commented on Vote NO on Proposition 4

Voting Yes does not hamstring the future of Texas, it ensures the not so plain speaking politicians come back to the People, to vote on a state income tax. The wording is so confusing for a reason, to FFOL Texans into voting the politicians way.

Bob's Page commented on Trump supporters aren’t racists

Jim, please enlighten me on your facts supporting Trump as a racist. Don provided his support of just the opposite. Please provide the proof and where it is derived.


What a well thought out piece of writing. You hit the nail squarely on the head. Thank you for eloquently putting into words what I for one support 100%.


Democratic socialist ideals are bad for our country. Them and the media are the catalyst of discord when they use bad names for those who disagree with them. There is no tolerance nor middle ground for your way of thinking.