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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why do I have to register?

A. In the top right-hand corner of the new Web site, you will see a box asking you to "Log in" or "Register." If it is your first time using the site, you will be asked to register — create a user name and password (something that is easy for you to remember for future visits to the site). This registration process will allow you to comment on stories.

Q. Is my personal information shared?

A. All registration information is confidential. The Herald-Zeitung will never share, sell or publish your personal information. When subscribing online, all information is collected by PayFlowPro, a secure, online payment gateway by PayPal.

Q. What is "Be Heard"?

A. "Be Heard" is a forum for debate moderated by the Herald-Zeitung. Each week, the Herald-Zeitung editors will pose a question or questions designed to stimulate an exchange of viewpoints.

Q. What is an E-edition?

A. To reach the E-edition click the red and green "E-edition" logo on the right hand side of the grey menu bar on the Web site homepage. The E-edition is an electronic version of the newspaper, delivered to your computer that has the same look as the print version of the Herald-Zeitung. The E-edition can be read from your home computer or laptop, on a Kindle or iPad or on your iPhone. E-edition features include: a computer voice that reads articles aloud for the visually impaired, the ability to translate any article into several languages and archived, E-edition versions of the paper back one month.

Q. How do I read the Herald-Zeitung in another language?

A. Visit the E-edition (see above). Find and click on the article you would like translated. On the right hand side of the page, there is a pull down menu that reads, "Translate to …" Pull down the menu and select one of the following: Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Russian.

Q. May I subscribe to the online version of the newspaper, without the print edition?

A. Yes. This is a convenient option for many readers who prefer to read the newspaper online only. The subscription rates are the same.

Q. How do I view the e-Edition on a mobile device?

A. At the top of the E-edition, you will see a button labeled "e-book." Selecting this option will allow you to read the Herald-Zeitung from a mobile device, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook Reader or on your iPhone / iPod / iPad. This service is free to subscribers.

Q. Does the new Web site have a searchable archive?

A. All articles from the former Web site have been loaded onto the new site. Subscribers now have access to a searchable archive pulling up articles as far back as 2001.


As a way to show our gratitude for service, the Herald-Zeitung will provide a free online subscription to all service men and women while they are deployed overseas.
To activate your subscription, e-mail circulation. Please send the e-mail from a .mil account. Include name, branch, unit, rank and location of deployment.

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