Permission to Reprint Articles and Photos

Material published in The Herald-Zeitung newspaper and on, including articles, photos, graphics and other content, is copyrighted by The Herald-Zeitung and by other information providers who have licensed their content to The Herald-Zeitung. You may not reproduce, republish or redistribute this material without the written permission of The Herald-Zeitung.

The Herald-Zeitung receives frequent requests for republishing articles and photos. If the request is for noncommercial purposes and meets the other rules established by The Herald-Zeitung, we will grant these requests.

Please note: The Herald-Zeitung cannot grant reprint permission for material from The Associated Press, features syndicates and other sources. You must contact those agencies directly to obtain permission from them.

Linking to Online Articles

You may publish an excerpt from a newspaper article, of no more than three paragraphs of your choosing, along with full credit to The Herald-Zeitung and a link to the full-text article on This practice applies to text only; similar "excerpts" of visual images (i.e. photographs) may not be used. A link to an article without the excerpt is also permitted.

Reprint Terms

Permission is granted only for noncommercial use of material from The Herald-Zeitung, which means that you are not reselling the material or selling avertising in association with that content. In addition, you must agree to abide by these rules:

• An article or editorial must be republished in its entirety. Bylines and credit lines ("By John Smith, The Herald-Zeitung, Staff Writer") must be retained. Photos and graphics must be reproduced as they were originally published in The Herald-Zeitung print or web editions. Digital alteration of a photo is absolutely forbidden.

• The original date of publication of the material from the newspaper or site must accompany the article.

• This language must be added at the end of the article: "Copyright 2006 The Herald-Zeitung. Republished with permission of The Herald-Zeitung. No further republication or redistribution is permitted without the written consent of The Herald-Zeitung."

• Permission will NOT be granted to republish an article as a promotion piece to solicit new business, for fund raising or as a lobbying tool. Permission may be granted, however, if reprints will be distributed as information to existing customers or to potential customers who have requested additional information about an organization.

• Political candidates and political organizations will be granted permission to republish editorials from The Herald-Zeitung newspaper. It must be explicit that the material appeared as an editorial in The Herald-Zeitung newspaper. Political candidates and political organizations will NOT be granted permission to republish news articles from the news sections of The Herald-Zeitung newspaper.

• For republication on another Web site: The credit line at the top of the article must be a hypertext link back to The Herald-Zeitung Web site at Under the credit line must be the date when the article was originally published in The Herald-Zeitung print or web editions.

• Up to 10 digital or print copies per page may be downloaded from the site for personal, non-commercial use, provided all copyright and other proprietary notices are kept intact.

Effective May 2006

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