Remember when the conventional wisdom was that abortion would be a huge issue in the midterm elections? Then the election came, and a lot of data pointed to the fact that yes, abortion did indeed play a big role. But now, the subject most people are talking about is ... former President Donald Trump.

You think that’s an exaggeration? Look at NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. A transcript shows the word “abortion” was mentioned all of three times, while the name “Trump” was mentioned 63 times. Then look at ABC’s “This Week.” The transcript shows “abortion” appeared once, while “Trump” appeared 41 times.

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Quincy Adams

Here is another insight to add to your list of why Republicans did so poorly given the backdrop of high inflation.

Republicans like to blame, preach hate and fear as their main political principles. Inflation polled high amongst peoples’ concerns because it is a problem. It is also a worldwide problem resulting from the pandemic disruptions and the Russian war in Ukraine. Republicans tried to convince the voters it was Biden and the Democrats fault. The didn’t offer any solutions… only blame. Voters are more perceptive than what they thought.

Now that the Republicans have take the House with a slim majority and lost the Senate, they are proving what voters suspected all along. Republicans in power have no policies to fight inflation. Their highest priority is investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Until they break free from the MAGAs cultist grip, it will only continue to turn off more and more voters who will vote against them.

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