Why is it that the Supreme Court can place limits on freedom of speech but they can not ( or will not) put limits on the right to bear arms?  Do the esteemed members of our Supreme Court not realize that when the Second Amendment was adopted firearms were single-shot muzzle loaders?   

I do not believe that the founding fathers would sanction citizens owning and carrying automatic rifles  designed to kill and destroy human beings. I do not believe that the founding fathers would sanction giving people the means to do what was done to the students in Uvalde, Texas.  

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Quincy Adams

The majority of Americans support different levels of gun oversight and regulations.

The NRA and the beholden GOP politicians (virtually all of them) prevents any progress to reducing the frequent slaughters across the country. If there was ever a time to be a one issue voter, it would be on this issue.

Simply find out and vote against anybody backing the NRAs nonsense. It may take an election cycle or two but would stop this insanity fairly quickly.

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