Regarding the incident on May 19 at New Braunfels High School, I find it unbelievable that the students responsible for that level of damage would escape any kind of real consequences for their conduct. 

What kind of message does this send to future classes regarding such actions? Some of the students involved were likely 18 years of age and by law, adults. 

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Ms McLane, if our country's leaders have determined that 18 years old can kill for our country's behalf...I think our local leader should have held those that were 18 years old accountable for... "pranks."


The wisdom of centuries has set 21 as the threshold of adulthood, the beginning of full accountability and responsibility. Younger people lack the full brain development to exercise complex (ethical) decision making and they are more susceptible to peer pressure. For these reasons, juvenile justice is structured more leniently than adult law, and juvenile offenses are expunged after a suitable time. I fully support the NBISD decision to impose the well-deserved punishment within the student conduct code and not to handicap their entry into adulthood with a juvenile criminal record.


18 year olds have been deemed legal adults in this country. They have been tried as adults in the courts and can be drafted/volunteer into our military to kill on our behalf. They can vote as adults. They're legal adults and should have been treated as such. It's a denial of justice to the citizens of the district and hampers their maturation by not holding them publicly accountable for their deeds. I will definitely take this decision into account during future school board voting opportunities.


Due to the high mortality among our troops in WWI, the draft age was lowered from 21 to 18 in 1918. Young conscripts have little freedom of judgement in their military environment; their sergeants tell them what to do. During the Vietnam war, draftees' demands for the right to vote led to the 26th Amendment in 1971. which lowered voting age to 18. Wartime requirements have determined the current acceptance of 18 as legal age.

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