Mary Powell

Mary Powell is a New Braunfels resident and an ambassador for the Braver Angels.

Political differences today touch on many issues — not the least of which is gun control. However, issues don’t come with red or blue flags. Regardless of party affiliation, our opinions grow from personal experiences, study, the news sources we choose, and often the opinions of those around us. That’s why Braver Angels, a national movement aiming to transform politics and bridge the partisan divide, promotes talking with others who hold opposing views.

An interesting thing happened at a recent Braver Angels workshop. Eight conservative-leaning local citizens and eight liberal-leaning locals came together to see if there might be better ways to address important issues than shouting or silence. The groups separated and began to list stereotypes they thought the other side held of them. The liberal-leaning group believed conservatives regarded them to be strongly against guns. Ironically, seven of the eight declared that they themselves owned a gun. This is Texas, after all.

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Richard Johnson

"Many claim gun ownership as a Second Amendment right." The Supreme Court has confirmed that "claim", so it is an absolute right for every adult citizen. Perhaps as such schools should make gun safety a part of their programs, just as understanding the Constitution and bill of rights.

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