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Spending years volunteering at shelters, networking, and fostering to save our local dogs has made me aware of the plight of animals in our area. We need the Humane Pet Store Ordinance. This won’t affect anyone’s right to purchase the breed of pet that you choose. Under the ordinance, residents can purchase pure-bred puppies from local breeders, just as we always have. Responsible breeders don’t sell puppies to pet stores because the AKC Code of Ethics Guidelines for Delegates Clubs prohibits this practice.

What about the parents of the puppies sold in pet stores? USDA guidelines dictate that dogs in breeding facilities may be kept in cages just large enough for them to be able to turn around, for their entire lives. Pet stores that don’t provide the standards they require of their breeders and won’t reveal where puppies came from until AFTER you purchase a puppy have something to hide.

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