With two weeks to go until the elections I have to confess that I’m a little confused about what Greg Abbott’s message is for the electorate. During his one and only and marginally televised debate with Beto O’Rourke, Abbott (who has been in office for eight years) repeatedly blamed Texas’s problems on Joe Biden (in office for two years). In his most recent campaign commercial he mentions Biden twice as much as he does O’Rourke. The guy does know who he’s running against, doesn’t he?

You could make the argument that Abbott — as a Republican in Texas — is running only against himself. If the Dems ran Jesus Christ as their candidate in Texas they would still lose. Most Texans would back Abbott even if he showed up in their front yards and strangled a puppy in front of their children.

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Bob King

The following Op-Ed was submitted to the H-Z three weeks ago, but was not run. Hopefully they will permit it to be posted here.

Like most Democrats these days, Jack McKinney in his October 18th 34 column-inch rant against Republicans gives nary one reason to vote for his favored gubernatorial candidate, Beto O’Rourke. He simply despises Greg Abbott.

Sadly, most Republicans similarly despise Beto, and thus need no reason to vote for Abbott.

I write today to give reasons to vote FOR someone running for governor: Mark Tippetts, Libertarian for Governor. Like Abbott, Mark Tippetts supports the 2nd Amendment and more school choice for parents. Like Beto, he supports easier legal immigration, the legalization of marijuana, and is okay with alternative lifestyles.

Unlike Abbott and Beto, both statists but of differing flavors, Mark Tippetts wants to dramatically cut taxes and spending, seeks to end all forms of corporate welfare, seeks to reduce occupational licensing regulations, opposes any COVID or other medical mandates, and generally wants smaller and less intrusive governments in Austin and in our counties.

In short, Mark Tippetts is principled. He simply wants more freedom and less government coercion in ALL facets of our lives. That’s why he's a Libertarian, and that’s why you should be, too. There is no way a Democrat or a Republican can so simply state why they are running, instead they can only throw mud on their opponents and engage in cultural warfare.

Our two major political parties and their friends in the media tell us over and over that only Democrats and Republicans matter, that third parties are a wasted vote. The H-Z covered visits to New Braunfels by the Democrat and Republican candidates, but when offered the chance to do the same when Mark Tippetts was in town, it declined. The H-Z apparently thinks the Libertarian point of view does not even merit a hearing in Comal and Guadalupe Counties.

The result of this unholy alliance of the two major parties and their media pals is perfectly exemplified by Mr. McKinney’s column. His vitriol for the opposing team is obvious, while he provides not one reason to vote for his candidate. Unfortunately, the other side is no better.

This kind of discourse is corrosive to our democracy. We all know it, and we have seen friendships come apart because identity politics means that our disagreements are no longer about issues, but about cultural and racial affiliation. The two parties stoke mistrust, tribalism and hatred among the citizenry. As a result, we are fast becoming two rival nations with wholly irreconcilable political objectives. Such division will, if not soon healed, be the end of the American experiment, which was cobbled together in the late 1700s by virtue of principled compromises between libertarians like Thomas Jefferson and federalists like John Adams.

So don’t let Jack McKinney and his left-wing pals cause you to hate your fellow citizens. And don’t let right-wing polemicists do the same to you, either. Reject them all when they tell you a vote for a third party is a waste of a vote.

The truly wasted vote is to vote Democrat or Republican and think that anything will change. Instead, I encourage you to vote FOR Mark Tippetts and for liberty.

Bob Moore

Interestingly enough I find that a lot of people do not know that by attending City Council Meetings and protesting these Tax increases that their appraisal district moves to change their tax base can and should be avoided by the amount of people that show up at a meeting and voice they're opinions of dismay over this. The city council has the right to set the property taxes yet rarely people don't know about this and just choose to fight it at the base through protest meetings which usually don't get do enough to lower their liability. Every year people should go down there in droves to stop this insanity.

I'll take Abbott over O'Rourke any day

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