For want of anything more positive to report or complain about in the news I think it’s time to start handicapping some political races given that what happens in the midterms this year will have serious implications for the 2024 presidential matchup. So, get out your crib sheets and get ready to make a few calls to Las Vegas.

Every gambling site and punditry blog that I’ve visited (and, let’s face it, gambling and punditry are really the same thing) show a toss-up for control of the Senate. The idea of incumbency being an advantage is usually a bigger deal in the Senate than in the House but this year we have some newbies fighting to keep their jobs.

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Bob Moore

LOL. Yeah I figured we'd get more comments from a guy like you. You definitely are a Democratic spewing your ideology here in New Braunfels. But for the sake of Jesus, we don't buy into your narrative. Trump might not be the guy, but the House and Senate will belong to the Republicans thru the insanity dealt by this Administration that is currently denying the existence of a recession much less trying they're best to change what a recession is.

Jack McKinney

How did you figure out that I was a Democrat?

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