Mike Pence is riding precariously along a craggy fault line in American politics.

On one side are those who once embraced Pence’s hard-core religious conservatism but now are angry with him over his refusal as vice president to participate in President Trump’s scheme to overturn the result of the 2020 election. On the other are those who oppose Pence’s political ideology but applaud his unwillingness to buckle under Trump’s pressure.

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Pence is most definitely NOT an American hero. I'll give him credit for not carrying out his part in Trump's attempted insurrection, but there is evidence he sought advice from legal experts on IF he could steal the election from this country's voters. He's stood silent while the Jan 6 house committee is exposes detail every day on the many fronts the Trump & Pence administration were orchestrating to steal the election. Pence's silence makes his guilty as a coconspirator in my book. His oath of office "to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States" obviously isn't worth much to him. He's currently paying fealty to Trump with his continued silence. Shame on this disgusting American with very little integrity or ethics.

Quincy Adams

Agreed. It sullies the definition of a "hero" to label someone a hero for simply following your Constitutional duty. If he had followed the traitor-in-chief and overthrown the will of the people, that would have been catastrophic to his "legacy".

Not much of a decision really. I thought it pretty bizarre he sought legal advise to determine if he had any basis for supporting a banana republic coup.

And he doesn't have a chance to become president. If he had any character at all, he would testify all he knows about Trump's coup attempt. That would seal the deal and we wouldn't have any future threats from a criminal running our country again. Still wouldn't be a hero, but I would have more respect for him.

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