Why, does anyone need an assault style weapon? Because it’s against the Second Amendment to keep people from owning one? You can get a pistol, you can get a rifle. You can own a gun or more than one. Why does anyone in the civilian population need a gun whose sole purpose is to kill things, mostly people? What makes a person want to own a military style rifle? 

We aren’t in a war, we don’t need militias, we don’t even need them to go hunting with. Essentially, we don’t need them! 

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Who would have ever thought this country would ban abortion before assault weapons.


We're left to beat our collective heads against the wall because republican politicians don't have a back bone to stand up to the NRA. Every national poll I've seen states the vast majority of Americans (both republican and democratic voters) support an assault weapon bans. Unfortunately....we have to really on republican "character" to change this situation. I don't see that happening anytime in the near future.

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