Ron Frisk’s Oct. 30 column highlights a growing trend/problem in our  country. Specifically, an increasing emphasis on individualism under the guise of freedom vice what’s best for the everyone overall, i.e., the common good concept. Especially when it comes to COVID-19. If the 45th president had chosen to get vaccinated as soon as he could, and recommended, encouraged, and/or pushed everyone to get vaccinated, whether under the emergency authorization or following approval, we probably wouldn’t have mandates today. We probably wouldn’t even be talking about mandates. The pandemic would probably be over by now and the true anti-vaxxers, vice the “gonna own the libs” anti-vaxxers, could go on their merry way without being vaccinated. Again, that’s the concept of what’s best for the common good! However, that’s all water under the bridge and we’ll never know how things would have turned out, but we know how it could have turned out.

What I am curious about is why there isn’t pushback and outrage over the mandates we all face on a daily basis. You’re required to wear a seat belt when traveling in a car and in some states, you’re required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. People of all ages are required to be vaccinated to attend school, including the controversial HPV vaccine. You’re required to be vaccinated in order to travel to many other countries around the world. I remember during my Air Force career having to go through a series of six shots for anthrax because I spent so much time in the Middle East. The efficacy of the anthrax vaccine was, and is, questionable, but as they told us then, ranchers out West have been receiving it for years without any ill effects. Okay, so that justifies making me take an unproven vaccine? However, the pushback from military members regarding the anthrax vaccine was minuscule compared to pushback on the COVID-19 vaccine. We receive vaccines and boosters throughout our lives. Older individuals regularly get pneumonia and shingles vaccines. Two vaccines, the shingles vaccine in particular, that none of us personally know very much about, but we’ve trusted the CDC, FDA, etc., to do their job and ensure they are safe because a lot of people figured out the vaccines were much more palatable than catching pneumonia or getting a bad case of shingles. Why suddenly don’t we trust the CDC, FDA, etc., when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine? Spoiler alert, you actually know the answer to that question.

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