As of this writing the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse will be winding down. Either the American system of law and order will prevail and the jury will render a verdict that respects it or the institution of vigilante justice that has long pervaded American literature will win the day. Personally, I’m betting on the latter.

But before we get into this I would like for someone to explain to me how an assault weapon can be used to remove graffiti and render first aid — as Rittenhouse claimed to be doing when he killed two people. Make no doubt, this all started when the defendant decided to illegally purchase a gun and travel to a city he did not live in when he should have been at home doing trigonometry homework like a normal teenager.

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Mark Hocher

To completely unravel this incident one must also take into account the violent and lawless behaviors of both resident "thugs" and out of town "thug" strangers...hell bent on destroying sections of Kenosha - all largely left unchecked by local law enforcement (under orders from city leadership). Once local law enforcement is unwilling or unable (due to orders) to effectively protect a city/community and their citizens, a "different" chaos evolves and tragedies will likely occur.

Unfortunately, today's America has a "number" of cities with appalling (and rising) murder and crime rates. Inevitably, you find a similar root cause behind this condition - city governments neutering their law enforcement or significantly diluting its functionality.

We are a nation of laws. Selective law enforcement and governance (look no further than our southern border) renders a weary/frustrated America. Our country "has much work to do".....and I keep her in my prayers.

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