Sen. Ted Cruz might have gotten part of what he wanted from the U.S. Senate on a planned Russian pipeline to Germany. But in doing so, he put this country’s diplomatic corps and their crucial work at risk. While we sympathize with his motives, we urge him not to repeat this tactic.

The week before Christmas, Cruz ended a monthslong campaign to persuade Congress to issue sanctions against Russia for a natural gas pipeline called the Nord Stream 2. Since summer, Cruz has been slow-walking Senate confirmations on dozens of candidates for diplomatic posts in an effort to strong-arm a vote on those sanctions. Cruz dropped the effort on 32 nominees after striking a deal with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who promised a vote on sanctions by Jan. 14.

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Peggy Herman

Cruz is no diplomat. Nor I could not possibly describe the tense diplomacy happening right now with Europe, Russia and the USA. The pipeline is but one dynamic (troops on the Ukraine border) NATO, and many others make for a complex diplomatic situation. I agree with this opinion that Cruz should not have held appointments up, but I do not agree that Cruz knows how this pipeline will affect the diplomacy with Russia and our European allies. Only at the highest levels of the current administration know what is being discussed diplomatically. Cruz is just a fly in the soup.

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