Speaking truth is easier than it seems. I have been crafting it for years, the simple guide line for truth is the Bible. The book of truth our country was founded on. 

Most all of our founders were Christians, most of the principals of our form of government came directly from the Bible. A representative republic, separation of church and state, three branches of governments. The acknowledgment of a supreme being, the need for morals and ethics, all men created equal all came out of the Old Testament. Most do not understand this.

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Jack McKinney

Here’s a question: If laws are going are going to be based on religious concepts can we file for religious exemptions from them? It seems to me that if you can skip Covid vaccination for religious reasons then you should be able to get an abortion for the same.

Jim Sohan

Jack: I like your way of thinking. I’ve always wondered why, if life starts at conception, we can’t claim Social Security Benefits based on our date of conception vice our birthday?


While I agree with your sentiment regarding abortion, you stated, "our country-particularly the Democratic Party-is lost." Your guest column was about how precious human life was....and then primarily blame democrats for their lack of respect for human life in regards to abortion.

So what about the lack of respect for human life in regards to republicans Mr. Warmke?

Republican party members consistently vote for more building and exporting of weapons of destruction to kill. The US ranks number one in defense spending in the world. One can add up the nine next countries and add them together and the US still outspends them! How many times do republicans think one has to kill before enough is enough? Think of all the good we could do with that money that republicans want to spend on killing!

What about republican positions on immigration Mr. Warmke? They refuse to let many people into our country that are fleeing murder, gangs, rapes , drugs or simply to have a better life for their families. Most of today's Americans descended from immigrants wanting to migrate for the same reason as today's immigrants. I guess republicans just don't value the life of people of different colors or religions. I find it ironic that you use biblical references to support your position of pro-birth ...while a human being like Jesus (if Haitian) would have been denied entry into today's republican America and deported back to Haiti!

What about the republican positions on today's Build Back Better plan Mr. Warmke? They refuse to support programs like child care tax credits, free community college education, vision and dental care for seniors through medicare or providing medicaid funds for poor residents of republican states that refuse to help the poor through the Affordable Care Act?

So abortion eventually is banned in the US, are republicans still going to vote against aid for single mothers and their children in regards to job training, child care, housing and food requirements like they have consistently done in the past? Are republicans still going to vote against gay and lesbian couples adopting these children given up for adoption. Are republicans still going to vote against additional aid for foster homes?

I could go on and on Mr. Warmke, but it's obvious the republican party has their share of lack of respect for human life. Unfortunately, you chose to pick out the Democratic Party for their lack of respect for the dignity and life of human beings and ignore the failure of the Republican Party. You should have just left your disparagement of the Democratic Party out of your guest column when you addressed your position on abortion.

Larry Harris

I think it is Mr. Warmke and the “pro-life” side that is “lost.” From murdering abortion providers and vicious intimidation of patients and medical staff now we have the Texas Legislature with a clearly unconstitutional law allowing bounty hunters to sue patients and providers. The fact is a fetus is not a “person” under the law. When a pregnant woman is murdered there is only one count not two. The pro-life side has lost the argument with the public and seeks to use the power of the government to force their will on others. I don’t hold out much hope that the lost will be “found.”

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