It’s been seven months since “moderate” Joe Biden’s inauguration. What has good old “Uncle Joe” along with his Progressive Bernie Bro’s done since then? (Didn’t they call Stalin “Uncle Joe”?) Let’s see — they’ve initiated a crime wave by: defunding the police, minimizing or eliminating bail requirements, refusing to prosecute violent criminals and decriminalizing shoplifting. 

They’ve opened wide the southern border to millions of illegal aliens from around the world, a cross-section that includes criminals, human traffickers, drug runners and terrorists. (But don’t worry, Uncle Joe has identified our real security threat, white supremacists.) To enter America via airplane, one must present a negative COVID-19 test done within three days prior to arrival, no exceptions. Neither proof of a negative virus test, proof of vaccination or two-week quarantine are required of illegals at the southern border. 

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Jim Sohan

Chuck: So, let me get this straight! You can write a column full of exaggerations, falsehoods and untruths, and be praised for you truthfulness. Yet if you respond, and in your response clearly acknowledge you’re speculating, you’re labeled a propagandist? Hmmm! Let’s think about that a little. Just might be another great example of hypocrisy being taken to new levels by far right, Trump supporters!

Jim Sohan

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines truth as “the body of real things, events, and facts.” You all have a long way to go before we’re actually talking about the truth. However, as long as we’re going speculate how great things would’ve been under a 2nd Trump term, let’s not forget the additional 3 million, maybe 4 million more dead from Covid we’d probably be talking about.


What you spew is more like agricultural fertilizer, or propaganda, which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause”. This is the Democrats full playbook…


John, it is hard to ague with the truth! If Trump was in his second term, our national debt would be much less, unemployment rates would be lower, people would not refuse to work, the wall would be built, COVID variants might not be spreading as rapidly from distribution of COVID positive immigrants, China, Russia, North Korea, and even our allies, would still respect us, and we would have at least 13 of our military personnel still alive. Other than that, President Biden is doing a fine job, for China and Russia!

Stephen Baird

This column has so many incorrect, misleading and exaggerated statements that it's not worth a thoughtful response. I'm surprised that the H-Z printed this one.

Examples: Millions coming through the open border. Trillions spent on unemployment payments.

Quincy Adams

Warning: This is your brain on Faux News.

Any questions?

Jim Sohan

Oh my god, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Great job over dramatizing and distorting the past 7 months. However, you did get one thing right … "that vulgar Bad Man Orange is gone", and no matter how much you want to demonize President Biden, Trump’s departure from the scene is a blessing. I can only imagine how much worse things would be if we were 7 months into a second Donald Trump term.

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