A recent letter in the Herald, is a good example of the illogical thinking that the liberal Democrats use these days. This letter deals with immigration and how our country is handling it. 

The letter writer asks this question, “What’s the difference between Ellis Island  and any port of entry along the southern boundary with Mexico?” 

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Jim Sohan

“Because of these laws immigrants were kept at Ellis Island until hey were fully vetted” … the implication being full background checks, etc., etc, were conducted on these immigrants before they were allowed into the Country. A simple review of Ellis Island’s history shows this is not true. 80 percent of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island were processed within a couple of hours. Not much time for a “full vetting” of those individuals. For some processing took a couple of days and for a very small number it could be weeks, months or in some cases years. However, many immigrants didn’t even need to go through Ellis Island. If they had purchased a first or second class ticket on a passenger ship, they were considered affluent enough not to become a public charge and received just a cursory inspection on ship before being allowed to disembark. Additionally, the main vetting process was focused on medical and did the immigrants have the means or skill that would allow them to support themselves, not whether or not they posed a threat to this Country. If you lived in Chicago Illinois, the term Irish-American was and is quite commonly used by everyone, including immigrants. Yes, they were and are proud Americans, but they were also Irish-Americans. Even in San Antonio I enjoy eating the annual fund raising meal cooked by the Polish-American Society. I will admit, my grandmother would've be offended to be called an Italian American, but that was mainly because she was from Sicily vice the boot. I am still trying to figure out what exactly you find illogical about Mr Sarkozi’s Letter to the Editor. Again, he isn’t advocating for illegal immigration or open borders. He’s pointing out what has been acknowledged for years, i.e., we are a Country or immigrants. Immigrants have been a key factor in our growth in the past, in the present, and will be in the future. He’s advocating for something we were well known for in the past … compassion and a willingness to welcome hardworking immigrants who want to make America their home or those who suffer from persecution and look to the hope American democracy offers. What I see in your rebuttal is the typical Republican approach now days, ignore the facts, spin a false narrative and hope if you repeat it enough people will start believing it or maybe just stop paying attention.

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