Finding workers remains a challenge for businesses across the country including here in Comal County, despite all the signing bonuses, wage boosts and other incentives. 

There are a lot of reasons why that’s the case, but one big part that is likely weighing down employers is the lack of child care.

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Mark Hocher

Planning a “Parenthood” must always take into consideration “what can I afford” based on my income. If you elect to have children…you must also elect (in advance) to care and provide for them “based upon your means”…..not upon what government handouts are available - per child. Presuming hard working tax payers are willing to subsidize your “parenthood”….is folly. Take responsibility for your choices…and have no more children than you can personally and properly support through age 18.

Bob Moore

I'm confused. From 2009 to 2017 everything was working fine. Now its in the toilet. Obama was there and I won't go there with Trump. Free money in my opinion has kept everyone from working and I think that this child care "opinion" is a bunch of hogwash. It didn't happen until Brandon got in office prior to earlier administrations. There's always an excuse for stupidity! A girl friend of ours recently told us that she wasn't going to find work until she had to because sitting at home and "collecting" was a better option. We looked at her in disgust!

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