Participants of the New Braunfels Oct. 2 march and rally were protesting Texas Senate Bill 8 which largely banned abortion in the state. 

When Texas Senate Bill 8 (SB8) took effect on Sept. 1, a wave of “Wait… What?” traveled from Austin to every corner of the United States, gaining velocity and strength as it went. 

SB8 effectively stops abortions when cardiac motion can be detected in the embryo, around six weeks. 

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Jim Sohan

Shirley: Your column and Gloria’s comment hit the nail on the head. I don’t personally support abortion, but I’m not Pro Life, I’m Pro Choice. As a man, I don’t see how I could personally dictate or support a law that makes such a decision for any woman. How can I remotely understand what a woman is going through when pregnant and contemplating an abortion. I can only imagine how difficult it is making that choice. How dare I, or any other person (woman or man) think we should deny a woman that choice and dictate she must carry a baby to term regardless of the circumstances. Freedom means being able to make all our decisions, not just the ones the Government thinks we’re capable of making.

Gloria Meehan

[thumbup] There is no freedom, unless we all are free to choose. Right on, Shirley!

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