For many, it’s been a year or two since celebrations were the norm, and some of those people seem to have forgotten some important things in the interim.

Between social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shutdown of major events, and  the general economic uncertainty that came with those things, most people did any of their celebrations with adult beverages at home.

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Sydney Sharp

In the Editorial you mentioned the arrest list which used to be printed in the paper. According to the police chief, this is supplied to the paper regularly. Why is it not published?

Chris Lykins Staff
Chris Lykins

As the community has grown so rapidly, it's impossible for us to track the enormous amount of low-level cases from beginning to end. With the addition of the internet, anything we publish will live on -- essentially forever.

That means that people with minor arrests would have their names permanently connected with an arrest, even if the charges were later dropped, dismissed or reduced.

There was a time, way back in the olden days when I started in this biz, where those lists would be in the paper, then in a bound volume, then in the library where almost nobody would ever see it again.

Now it's the first page of a search engine. That makes it more difficult to get a job, maintain relationships, etc. Again, even if the charges are wiped away.

So, since we can't keep track of all of the dispositions anymore, we go through the list for the most serious offenses that the public needs to be aware of, and write stories on many of those. Those, we can follow.

Hope that helps.

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