Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, despite seven opponents for his party’s nomination, is looking past them at Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

With increasing frequency and frenzy, Abbott’s team’s emails suggest they are graduates of The Donald Trump School of Overstatement:

Dave McNeely is a columnist and long-time Texas political correspondent. 

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Mr. Sohan, I am curious. You appear to be blaming Gov. Abbott for not "fixing" the grid issues. But exactly how is a Texas governor supposed to fix the grid? As you know, the governor here has far fewer powers than in other states. Could you please provide an example or two of what a Texas governor could actually do?

Jim Sohan

Regan: Take a look at the following website: as a starting point. It pretty clearly spells out the means available to Governor Abbott to take actions to solve the problem and prevent future problems. After allow, he is the Chief Executive of the State and sets policy, or lack thereof in this case. I'm still awaiting an answer from anyone on how Beto will take our guns, especially in light of your question about how Abbott can or can't fix problems. Beto's party won't have complete control over the State Legislature as Abbott's party currently does. So, again, not sure how he takes our guns away.

Jim Sohan

Doug: I don’t need to ask Beto about guns. I’m well aware of his past comments. What I’m still waiting for, and I’ll probably wait a long time, is for you or anyone else to provide a plausible scenario where he can actually take our guns. I’m less concerned about Beto taking my guns than I am about hundreds or even thousands of additional Texans needlessly dying in the future due to Abbott’s inept governance.

Jim Sohan

Richard: I’m not disappointed, as usual exaggerated claims and statements that don’t really add anything to the discourse. Let’s have some honest discussion of things. First off, can you explain to me how Beto O’Rourke is going to take your guns? We all have opinions on a lot of things, many of which we could never possible implement, even if given the opportunity. The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Surely you haven’t forgotten that little fact. Even if he becomes Governor, he’ll still be working with a Republican controlled Legislature. So, taking away your guns through legislation is highly unlikely. He has no means to do so through Executive Order/Action. Although, based on Abbott’s track record, I guess he could try, but it would never survive a court challenge. He may be able to limit pro-gun legislation, i.e., he could’ve vetoed the “Constitutional Carry” bill and the veto probably wouldn’t have been overridden. So again, I ask you to please explain how Beto is going to take your guns. As for the power grid. Yes, you’re right the problems have been out there for years and there are no quick easy fixes. Beto O’Rourke may be naive regarding how long it will take to fix things, but at least he acknowledges the need to fix things. Governor Abbott has talked the talk, but he hasn’t walked the walk. His actions make it clear he has no interest in taking the tough steps to actually fix our electrical grid problems. He’s hoping its forgotten about and goes away just like Rick Perry did in 2011. As I said, Beto may be a bit naive about what it’ll take, but at least he acknowledges it needs to be fixed. Perhaps that’s because of where he comes from. El Paso realized after the 2011 freeze they needed to fix things, and they did. Maybe, if given the chance, Beto can make sure we don’t have another repeat in 2031, because Governor Abbott sure isn’t working to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Doug Hirsch

Why don’t you ask Beto about the guns, he’s the one who infamously said “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s” ? Robert Francis clearly has some explaining to do.

Richard Johnson

As to Beto's comment on the electric grid not being "fixed", not only does he want to take our firearms, he is absolutely ignorant on how long it takes to implement the full amount of changes required to do that. The low hanging maintenance things have been addressed, but there are other things that involve engineering design, and then build/rebuild things that take well over a year's time. I can't even begin to vote for him based upon his firearm stance, but he adds to the rejection by his ignorance on how long it takes to do the work that he is talking about with the electric grid.

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