The legal status of abortion has been hotly contested for over three decades at every level of American society, from school board races to presidential elections. 

There was a time when abortion was simply part of life in the United States. People didn’t scream about it in protest, and abortion services were marketed openly. Abortion was not just legal — it was a safe, condoned and practiced procedure in colonial America and common enough to appear in the legal and medical records of the period. 

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Bob Moore

It is a very disturbing situation that I'm sure everyone takes into account. I note here that you are bringing forth information as far back as the 18th and 19th century and up to now. I'd like to point out that our country has moved way past this era and as we can all see right now the ever changing dilemma's that we are going forward with. You won't find a disagreement with me regarding rape, incest or other dangerous situations that puts a woman's life at risk. However as a man whom has been involved with women and had requested abortions at my own behest I now look upon it as a major hardship that I have to live with my own guilt when I go before god. For me in this topic a heart beat is a life. Bottom line! From that point on I see the need for life. We can agree to disagree but the fact is those that choose the other route may find their needs at other locations out side of Texas. Policies in Texas are constantly attacked one way or another and the only way to change this is through state/government action. Failures continue in our state and need vigorous change for sure. Your column is disturbing to me as I right this but I do respect your opinion.


I agree that as a nation, this country has taken the right to abortions to the extreme in the past ten to twenty years. I too think that it is wrong to abort a fetus after the first trimester. I believe that by that time, a woman knows she is pregnant. What I am seeing now is that this country is taking an extreme position that a woman does not have the right to choose to abort. Extreme positions are dangerous and hurt. How about a a young girl who has been raped by a relative or her own father who is too afraid to speak up. If her growing belly is detected in the second or third month, it is too late.

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