It seems to me that the history of this country isn’t being taught very well these days. Case in point, immigration. Unless you are a Native American or a descendant of slaves, you are an immigrant or you are a descendant of immigrants. 

Which brings me to the second point I’d like to make. What’s the difference between Ellis Island and any port of entry along the southern border with Mexico? 

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Richard...the vast majority of the Haitians OBEYED OUR LAWS! They presented themselves to border patrol and requested AMNESTY. We VIOLATED international laws by not abiding to the o process we agreed to. The US is undoubtedly a racist and bigoted country today. Our actions define who we are.

Richard Johnson

As to Countries that we send our military to assure our and the worlds interest, that sir is not sending illegal immigrants with diseases to violate their borders. It is to get rid of those that are killing others, stopping trade, or other both world interests. And, yes, there have been times that we were goaded by the media and other internal minorities to go to war. Vietnam, Spanish American are but two. As to letting the "far right" stroke my fear, I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Those back county fires that burned thousands of acres are true, and were started by illegals making camp fires. Those illegals also broke into peoples barns and homes and took food and anything else they could. Reality, not fear. I will agree that the current green card system is not responsive enough to meet labor needs, and needs to be modified, and streamlined. But unfortunately, that is an oxymoron when it involves the Federal government. But OUR laws must be kept, and NO one has the right to violate. As to those requesting asylum, that International right is for adjacent countries to the one that the person is fleeing from. Haiti is not adjacent to us. Neither are any of the central American or south American countries.

Jim Sohan

Richard: You’re making an apples and oranges argument, but I must ask, did you personally see illegal immigrants building those camp fires that you claim started the back country fires? If not, it’s only second-hand information. Please don’t tell me you heard it on the news or read it in the paper because you know we can’t trust the liberal media. If you weren’t a witness, you're only taking the word of others, and just because they claim they know what they’re talking about, doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about. And of course, we can't trust the courts, unless they rule our way. Illegal immigrants burning thousands of acres, breaking in to homes, only thing missing is murder. Sure sounds like a good way to stoke some fear into people already worried about the brown waves invading our country


Richard...we do violate borders and without permission (Afghanistan). They didn't do anything to the US and we invaded and took down their government violating international laws and occupied their borders for nearly 20 years!

Immigrants and refugees (Haitian) did recently present themselves at our southern border and presented themselves by the hundreds to border officials and asked for asylum. That's a legal right under international laws. What did we do? Violate the international laws the US agreed to and flew them back to Haiti denying them legal international rights this country had agreed to. Unfortunately, too many Americans still maintain bigoted and racists policies.



Richard Johnson

We do welcome, legal immigrants. Those people follow our laws. They don't invade another Country, break their laws. Now, you also say that we are all immigrants, but, my ancestors came here about 100 years before there was a United States. So, we are pretty much native to the nation. We fought for it's independence. We fought for our states rights, and also to keep the union in the Civil War. We also fought in world war 1 and 2. Even died for it. So, we are pretty much invested here. People that want in, simply need to obey our laws. Make application, and when we believe we have room, we let them in. We don't appreciate those that come here transporting drugs. We don't appreciate those that start fires in our back country (SD, CA for one) that burn thousands of acres and hundreds of homes, taking lives. We also don't appreciate those that bring in disease. (That is why Ellis Island existed) Now, with invaders, I don't welcome them and won't ever.

Jim Sohan

Robert isn’t advocating for illegal immigration or open borders. He’s pointing out what has been acknowledged for years, we are a Country of immigrants. Immigrants have been a key factor in our growth in the past, in the present, and will be in the future. He is advocating for something we were also well known for in the past … compassion and a willingness to welcome hardworking immigrants who want to make America their home or those who suffer persecution and look to the hope American democracy offers. Don’t let the false narratives from the far right continue to stoke your fear!

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