David Paul McDermott

David Paul McDermott was born on January 18, 1941 in Chicago. He was the oldest of eight children. He grew up outside of Chicago, graduated from Loyola University and worked in various jobs, including as a lifeguard on Lake Michigan. In 1962 he married Cecilia Cergizan and together they had three children. In 1972 they moved to Comal County and over the years started several businesses on the Guadalupe, including Whitewater Sports and Gruene River Company. In 1980 Dave married Barbara Holub and had five more children, so that no one could say his father outdid him.

Dave was an economic powerhouse in this community, creating much of the tourist economy that defines New Braunfels today, though he himself never benefited from it overly much and always led a very modest lifestyle, preferring to work outdoors and with his hands over anything else. And though he could be onery and stubborn, as any of his many previous employees can attest to, he always lived up to the highest ideals of his Christian faith, showing kindness and generosity to strangers and orphans, of which there were usually a few hanging around.

Dave was an adventurer who loved camping and being on rivers. He knew most stretches of the Rio Grande from its source, paddled many rivers in Colorado, and made four trips down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, each with at least some of his kids. He also loved nine-pin bowling and was an active member of the Fischer Bowling Alley for many years, along with his current wife, Jenny Shropshire.

More than anything though, Dave was a family man. He was always happiest surrounded by his children and grandchildren. He was the best father anyone could ever wish for. Dave is survived by each of his wives and his children: Patrick, Peter, John, Justin, Michal, Caleb, and Rebekah and their families, including 12 grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his son Trevor, to whose care we now leave Dave. Good luck with that, Trevor!

Dave passed away at home, in peace and surrounded by family on July 11, after a long battle with cancer. Dave did not want a funeral, but instead preferred a memorial service later in the year, which will be held at Fischer Hall, on January 14, 2023.