Judy Ann Schandua

Judy Ann Schandua was born December 31, 1969 to Charles and Sarah Schandua. Judy grew up in New Braunfels, TX and graduated Valedictorian from Canyon High School in 1988. She passed away on November 1, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 51.

Judy received her Bachelors’s degree from George Mason University and her Master’s degree from the University of Virginia. Judy worked on many classified projects for the Defense Department. Later in life, she became an entrepreneur and owned many successful businesses. 

One of Judy’s true loves was volleyball. She coached an under-privileged Jr. Olympic Volleyball team for years and would spend many nights each week coaching and then driving players back to their houses as they had no other way to get home. She would purchase the players equipment when needed as she strongly believed that “everyone deserves a chance to be successful”. 

Although leaving Texas to live in the Washington DC area, Judy never lost her love for the Dallas Cowboys. Taking her nephew and niece on a tour of Texas Stadium and to a player’s signing lunch before the game gave her great joy. She also enjoyed riding roller coasters with her family and friends.

Judy loved travelling. She hosted her whole family for tours of Washington D.C. on several occasions. She also accompanied her mother on trips to Antarctica, a boat and train tour of Alaska, and a recent trip to Fairbanks, Alaska to view the Northern Lights and other sights. 

Judy was preceded in death by her father, Charles Schandua. She is survived by her mother, Sarah Schandua; her brother, James Schandua; Sister-in-Law, Silvia Schandua and her nephew and niece, Charles and Hailey. 

Rest in Peace. We love you and will all miss you!