A decision on the air quality permit for Vulcan Construction Materials LLC’s proposed limestone quarry has been further postponed, pending decisions made by an administrative judge on almost 20 issues. 

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Quincy Adams

Vulcan spokesman Scott Burnham said Vulcan’s goal from day one has been to present a safe and environmentally responsible plan and demonstrate Vulcan is committed to Comal County and the community.

“We’re a heavily regulated industry and Vulcan is committed to meeting or exceeding all local, state and federal guidelines and regulations,” Burnham said."

Seems easy enough to prove. Monitor your existing quarries for air quality pollution. Instead of using worthless data from the TCEQ monitoring sensors located in another county, have an independent third party monitor pollution levels along your existing quarry perimeters.. where the problem actually matters.

You shouldn't have any problem with that if you were honest with the concerns of the citizens. In fact you should have suggested it if you are so confident in your compliance.

Friends of Dry Comal Creek

While Vulcan complains that they are heavily regulated, we know better. The aggregate industry has very few limitations compared to other open pit mining operations in Texas and when compared to other states, aggregate companies in Texas have obviously lobbied their way into loosening restrictions, and limiting citizens voices by limiting options to Contested Case Hearings. While lawmakers claim this to benefit Texans, this is far from the truth. https://www.texastribune.org/2015/04/30/texas-lawmakers-move-limit-environmental-protests/

In addition, this article also fails to mention that the TCEQ commissioners used an arbitrary and capricious 1-mile radius limitation to name affected persons with no rule, reg, law or science to back it up. When asked why, "TCEQ has a long history of applying this limitation and it's a matter of custom." Really!

If we don't start standing up then we're going to be living in QUARRY MECCA
Read full press release here...https://www.texastribune.org/2015/04/30/texas-lawmakers-move-limit-environmental-protests/

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