Wine is a staple of Texas innovation

Texas is known for its pioneering in many industries, which have contributed to the success and endurance of this great union. One very important industry to our state is the wine industry. With more than 400 wineries in our state, Texas’ birthday month is a great chance to tip our hats to one of the wineries which helped bring Texas wine into the mainstream and become a mainstay with Texas wine drinkers. 

Messina Hof winery from Bryan, Texas, has been creating excellent and unique wines, infusing German and Texas heritage into every bottle since 1977. With countless varietals and acres of vineyards, Messina Hof is one of the largest and most reputable wineries in the state. Their courage and innovation make two wines stick out amongst their plethora of choices.

Messina Hof Barrel Aged Cabernet Franc is one of their most exciting offerings as its not commonly grown and produced in the state. Known as the parent grape to Cabernet Sauvignon, this varietal often boasts rigid and robust characteristics, while maintaining subtle and smooth expressions that please the palate. Messina Hof winemakers display their expertise by allowing this wine to express a beautiful nose of leather and plum before round flavors of blackberry, vanilla and spice caress the palate.

Representing their German heritage, the late-harvest Angel Riesling is a must-try sweet treat for a mild Texas evening. By harvesting these Riesling grapes last, they have the chance to develop more advanced fruit flavors and texture to the wine itself, making this an exemplary dessert wine. Bright notes of apple and pear greet the nose before round flavors of honeycomb and baked apple coat the palate into a blissful finish. This native Texan wine pairs exceptionally with cheesecake or a nice strudel.

March is ultimately a wonderfully exciting month full of events and unforgettable experiences in the City of New Braunfels, where the grass is actually “Gruener” and the wine always tastes better.  So, let us grab a glass and sing Happy Birthday to our favorite state as we look forward to better and more beautiful days to come. 


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