Q. We spent some time over Easter in a neighborhood with large  trees and lots of wildflowers. It made my husband and I want to try and duplicate the patches of wildflower everywhere. Is there a guidebook or a simple plan we could follow to duplicate the effect? 

A. If I am visualizing your goal correctly, I think you are talking about a landscape that favors 12 months of color from flowers, and includes groundcovers, small shrubs, large shrubs, small trees, and large trees with an emphasis on cover for the birds and other wildlife rather than a manicured setting. For a first step in that direction rough out a plan like the yard you saw at Easter but put it on your property. The next step might be to spread a Texas wildflower mix this fall. Just keep adding and subtracting plants to work towards your ideal. Attend some of the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas Landscape Design Schools.  Check their website for the schedule.

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