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The Spanish crown encouraged settlers from Spain to settle Texas, but failed in their endeavor due to a fear of Indian attacks, especially from the Comanche (Germans, led by Johann (John) Meusebach made an unbroken peace treaty with the Comanche in 1847), and the remoteness of Texas from the viceroyalty in Mexico City. By 1821 approximately 5,000 people inhabited Texas many of whom were soldiers guarding the missions. Moses Austin received permission from the Spanish government to bring in 300 families from the United States. When Moses died, his son, Stephen F. Austin honored his father’s wishes to settle Texas. Mexico also encouraged settlement from the U.S. In 9 years, from 1821-1830, more than 30,000 settlers entered Texas. The Mexican government passed the Law of 1830 prohibiting immigration from the states.

The Texans listed several grievances against the Mexican government including that they were culturally American, not Mexican, slavery was prohibited, Texans wanted an independent Mexican state and not be part of Coahuila, Mexican constitution was abolished in 1824 giving more state control to the federal government, wanted better roads to ship their goods, were supposed to learn Spanish and convert to Catholicism and had economic ties to the U.S. Sadly, the Alamo fell on March 6, and the defenders never learned of Texas declaring its independence.

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