Musician and Randy Rogers Family Foundation creator Randy Rogers, along with his wife Chelsea Rogers, presented a hefty check for $100,000 to the Crisis Center of Comal County on Dec. 12.

Additionally, the Corn Hole for a Cause and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraisers contributed $17,000 and $245,000 to the Randy Rogers Family Foundation’s endeavors, respectively.

Team Leader at SimpliCity Real Estate Group in New Braunfels Laurie Jarrett said that they annually raise funds through Corn Hole for a Cause to donate to a local foundation.

“So this year, we chose the Randy Rogers Family Foundation,” Jarrett said. “I did that because I know that Randy and Chelsea are really involved in the community, and that they would make sure that the money would get to the people that needed the most, and that it would stay local more than anything.”

According to Jarrett, the crisis center helped with 800 cases last year; her coworker, Shannon Coufal, is a testament to the assistance crisis has provided to the community.

“They gave me a safe place to live for 18 months while I was pregnant, to keep my abuser away from me and my family, and I was also given the opportunity to take my real estate classes during that time, and they paid for that,” Coufal said.

The Crisis Center of Comal County was founded in 1986 and provides various services to individuals who are experiencing abuse.

A few of these services include crisis response, counseling, sheltering, victim advocacy and transportation.

Rogers worked with Valmark Chevrolet to help the crisis center obtain a van for transport.

“I think it will definitely help get them to doctor’s appointments, to legal aid appointments — wherever they need to go — because a lot of women leave and they have nothing…so I think it’s a real blessing to have that especially in New Braunfels when there’s no public transportation,” Coufal said.

Chief Development Officer for the Crisis Center of Comal County Mildred Monreal said that the overall donations will help the center expand both its physical space and services. This is a necessary expansion, since the center on 1547 E. Common St. burned down in April.

“The donations that were given today are going to go extremely far with the crisis center, because it is created by a group of individuals that believe in what we do, our mission and definitely want to see a change in the community,” Monreal said.

Rogers said that he wanted the donations to stay within the community he and his family will live and grow up in.

“I wanted to impact the people that need it the most in our community, and after it burned down and I saw the need, I just decided that this is where I wanted to put it,” Rogers said. “This was a safe place to put it and it’s a safe place for lots of people.”

According to Rogers, the majority of the donations were raised through the annual golf tournament held by the Randy Rogers Band.

Other donations came from events like the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser, where the band auctioned a private concert for $19,000 and the foundation matched it.

Rogers said that the Randy Rogers Family Foundation started within the past five years due to the amount of requests he and the band were receiving for help. The foundation serves as a collection tool for people to donate money to in order for all donations to be distributed to a needy cause.

“The first big event that I had back was this golf tournament, the first time I’ve had, you know, a lot of money to give away in a while,” Rogers said. “And so it was really nice that this all happened the way it did and worked out.”

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