New Braunfels Food Bank Thanksgiving distribution

Hugo Rodriguez, left, and Valerie Oviedo, volunteers with Tree of Life Church load food boxes into a truck bed at New Braunfels Food Bank's Thanksgiving meal distribution, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 at Tree of Life Church.

Before diving into the turkey and stuffing, let’s take a second to dissect the holiday, George Costanza style.

With Thanksgiving, you’ve got two great things combined — the thanks, and the giving. That, my friends, is a pretty good recipe already.

Let’s begin with the “thanks.” It’s important to take some time during this portion of the season to reflect with gratitude on all that we have. Take a moment to consider the friends and family that have helped shape your path in life, and the co-workers, teachers and mentors that have also been there to lend a hand.

Perhaps you got a new job this year — or a promotion. Maybe you moved into a new house or apartment, or even got a new car. And yes, pre-owned counts as long as it’s new to you.

Now that gratitude has been shown, it’s time to move on to the “giving” portion. Contrary to popular belief, giving doesn’t cost a cent. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve a tangible item at all.

Giving can be as simple as picking up the phone and checking on a friend or family member who has fallen out of touch. What better time to reconnect with someone who may have once been considered a source of trust and love?

It you can donate your time, there are plenty of worthwhile organizations that could use some elbow grease here or there. Even a few hours can ease a burden and provide a spiritual boost.

Of course, those who are able can donate canned food and other items as the need continues to rise closer and closer to Christmas. Toys, winter coats and shoes are also common items of need this time of year.

When the “thanks” and the “giving” are combined, it’s a very powerful phenomenon. No wonder they made an entire holiday out of it.

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