Ernesto's scholarship

Ernesto’s Jewelry, located at 717 North Business I-35 in New Braunfels, has announced a new scholarship for future first responders honoring retired deputy Eddy Luna. File photo

From recognizing community helpers to helping community organizations do even more good, the last seven days have seen New Braunfelsers pushing to make the city better than ever.


Kudos to Ernesto’s Jewelry in New Braunfels for creating a new way to encourage young residents to consider a career as a first responder.

Ernesto’s recently announced a brand new scholarship named after Eddy Luna, who served as Ernesto’s head of security for nearly 20 years. Luna retired from the Comal County Sheriff’s Office earlier this year after 31 years with the department.

Ernesto’s sought to honor Luna’s legacy and also give back to the community by offering a $1,000 scholarship to one individual. Ernesto’s is choosing the first-ever recipient of the Eddy Luna First Responder Scholarship after holding an essay contest, with the deadline set for April 15.

The essay has no set length requirement, and those who wish to participate can drop off their essay in person at Ernesto’s, which is located at 717 N. Business I-35, Suite 150 in New Braunfels within the MarketPlace shopping center.


Kudos to the folks at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in New Braunfels for welcoming back Tewa the alligator with open arms.

Tewa was apparently snatched away from the Snake Farm by a former volunteer two decades ago. The volunteer stashed the egg Tewa eventually hatched from in her apron and kept the gator as a pet in her home near Buda until the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) got wise to the unusual pet lurking in her backyard.

TPWD reached out to zoo deputy director Jarrod Forthman, who arranged for Tewa’s triumphant homecoming. The park’s ability to rehome the gator very likely saved her life, as TPWD said euthanasia was a possibility.

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