Downtown wreck

A photo from the New Braunfels Police Department shows the aftermath of a wreck that occurred approximately 8:35 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30 in downtown New Braunfels. The vehicle caused damage to the NBU building as well as Main Plaza.

A single-passenger car accident around 8:35 p.m. Wednesday night on West San Antonio Street in New Braunfels damaged the NBU building as well as signage and tree limbs at Main Plaza.

According to the New Braunfels Police Department, the driver of the vehicle, later identified as Brennon Smith, a 17-year-old San Antonio male, is suspected of driving while intoxicated. NBPD officials said the vehicle failed to navigate a turn in the traffic circle properly, left the roadway and crashed into the NBU building, which left damage to the façade and an awning.

Following the crash, the male allegedly fled the scene on foot but was apprehended by NBPD officers.

According to NBPD officials, the driver of the vehicle was taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries and will also face charges of evading on foot, fleeing the scene of an accident and resisting arrest once medically cleared.

NBPD, the New Braunfels Fire Department and city public works crews were on the scene following the accident, which caused traffic delays in the area. City crews also had to clear the area of any large debris.

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(2) comments

Joann Soto

I was the in the car he sped by at the stop light, he had to have been going at least 90 because it felt like he had taken my side view mirror. I had just switched lanes 10 to 15 minutes before he sped by... had I stayed in that lane he would have hit me and possibly killed me. This accident is something I never want to see.

Ernest Sandoval

I was at the red light right when that happen it was scary I saw him from a glimpse of how fast he was going I’d say around 65-70 mph

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