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 After working through the night and into Saturday morning, Comal County Sheriff’s Office investigators said the body discovered Friday evening is the Spring Branch woman reported missing on July 19.

“Preliminary identification of the decomposed body, based on specific physical characteristics, lead investigators to believe it is the body of Shana DiMambro,” Jennifer Smith, CCSO public information officer, said on Saturday.

Tuesday marks two weeks since DiMambro, 45, was last seen inside her home in an RV park in the 100 block of Mitchell Drive in Spring Branch.

Shana Alison DiMambro

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While county investigators wouldn’t say, searchers said they found her body  face up in a retention pond on a property in the 200 block of Mitchell Drive, about 2,000 feet from the RV park.

Smith said Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Rick Walker pronounced the body deceased and ordered an autopsy.

“The remains have been sent to Travis County in order to receive a positive identification,” Smith said. “Investigators have been in contact with the DiMambro family and have been made aware of preliminary findings. The investigation into the deceased individual and Shana DiMambro’s disappearance remains ongoing.”

On Friday the sheriff's office confirmed it received the call that a body had been found at the location, with deputies arriving around 7:50 p.m. CCSO said it was too soon to tell whether it was the missing woman or if foul play was suspected as the cause of death.

On Saturday, businessman Donald “D.J.” Seeger, who participated in searches for DiMambro since Sunday, July 24, said drones and foot searches had been conducted on various properties on Mitchell Drive, except for one that hadn’t been searched on foot.

“It’s a ranch with a fence that we really wanted to search, but couldn’t find the property owner,” Seeger said. “I did a records search and found it listed under an LLC and then contacted the owner, who agreed to meet with us at 7 p.m. Friday.”

A business call delayed Seeger joining up with the ranch owner and a SA Search and Support volunteer, whose short search ended with their discovery of the body at the bottom of a dried-up retention pond, a quarter-mile from the ranch’s front fence gate on Mitchell Drive.

“It was about 2,000 feet north of the RV Park. On Google Maps it is filled with water but it’s bone-dry now,” Seeger said. “It was a pretty deep pond, about 25 feet if there was water, but there she was, laying face up on her back.”

Seeger said although the body had decomposed, they clearly it sported a sunflower tattoo on a shoulder blade, something the woman’s family and her husband listed as an identifier when they reported her missing.

“Because of that and that she was such a short distance from her RV, made me believe if it wasn’t her, I’d be shocked,” Seeger said.

CCSO arrived within minutes, Seeger said, adding that radio traffic must have alerted the public to the discovery because he saw it on social media only minutes later. Because of that, searchers agreed they would immediately update DiMambro’s mother in Reno, Nevada.

Vickie DiMambro, in a social media response, publicly extended her thanks.

“DJ, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did to find Shana,” she posted. “It is definitely not what any of us hoped for, but I think we had been preparing ourselves since this started.”

Meanwhile Chris Antos, who first reported his wife missing July 19, received word of the discovery from investigators. Antos was unavailable for comment.

Antos said he last saw her wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, pink shorts and black flip flops inside the home around 7 a.m. that day but was gone when he returned home for lunch.

Antos told San Antonio news outlets that he and DiMambro had married in May, and told a TV station his wife had struggled with depression but softened that comment a few days later.

The search also included nonprofit search organizations Texas Equusearch and Project Absentis, whose air drones joined CCSO’s in crisscrossing nearby properties and the eventual discovery site, but turned up nothing.

Until a foot search did on Friday.

“We began conducting drone and foot searches the day she was reported missing, conducted interviews with family and others and viewed footage from surveillance cameras,” Smith said of CCSO’s efforts, which continued at the discovery scene until 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

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