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Comal County Democrats late Wednesday received word that gubernatorial party nominee Beto O’Rourke has moved his Saturday appearance from a Canyon Lake restaurant to Canyon Lake High School in Fischer.

Stacey Ford Osborne, communications chair for Democrats of Comal County, said O’Rourke campaign officials had moved the noon event from Maven’s Inn & Grill, at 10530  Farm-to-Market 2673 in Canyon Lake, to the high school, located at 8555 FM 32 in Fischer. 

A release issued prior to the site change proclaimed Beto O’Rourke’s “Statewide People of Texas Campaign” would feature a student town hall during the noon to 1 p.m. Saturday event. 

“O’Rourke’s ‘People of Texas Campaign’ focuses on students across the state during the month of April,” the release said, adding the event “will focus on how the people of Texas can overcome current divisions and unite around issues they can accomplish together.”

Promotion of Medicaid expansion, creation of jobs that pay living wages, enhancing public school funding and protecting teacher pay, were among programs the candidate hopes would enable all to achieve “their full potential.”

Asked why the event was suddenly and inexplicably relocated or whether the candidate might attend the county party’s annual Boone Dinner on Saturday, April 30, Osborne deferred to O’Rourke’s campaign, which didn’t immediately return phone and email messages Wednesday. 

Democrats of Comal County is a non-profit organization based in New Braunfels that supports Democratic Party needs and causes, and promotes fellowship among like-minded individuals. For more information on upcoming events, visit

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(5) comments

Michael Harwell

Robert Francis O'rourke

Why would our School District promote a Political Sponsorship? O'rourke opposes School Vouchers,Supports Gun Control,Abortion,redistribution,Global Warming etc.

Jim Sohan

At the actual event! What a turnout! What enthusiasm! Wow! Democracy in action!

Michael Noah

Beto, this is Trump country, not a liberal echo chamber... stay home!

Shawna Renee

Maybe look up the definition of an echo chamber? Everyone deserves the right to hear from their candidates for governor, not just one party. Voter intimidation should not be accepted in Comal County. I'm interested to hear from Maven's about why this event was moved. I've seen it reported on other outlets, and if true, it is very disappointing.

Terry Price

Which is why Beto needs to be there. You folks need to see and hear from an honest, upright person who has the state's best interest in mind rather than a corrupt trump stooge who is trying every trick in the book to deceive voters.

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