Mercy Boatright put out a feeler for her fifth annual turkey giveaway, and the calls flooded in to help the event.

In about a week, organizers Boatright and Yvonne Mann nearly had all the money raised to buy 500 turkeys to give away this Saturday from 11 a.m. to around 1 p.m.

Boatright and local businesses and nonprofits will hand out turkeys in the shopping center lot of the A Creative Learning Center daycare off 311 FM306 across the H-E-B plus!

The line will be drive-through, and if unable to pick up the New Braunfels Jeep club can also deliver the turkeys and sides. To get a home delivery, contact Mercy Boatright at 830-312-9289.

“It’s such an amazing feeling and it takes a lot of work to get volunteers to wipe everything out for it,” Boatright said. “It spreads pretty thin but this year is the first year I had a sidekick, [Mann], that worked crazy hard.”

This will be the biggest turkey giveaway compared to when it began with 100 turkeys and has 40 sponsors from local businesses to organizations.

“The first week it’s like we get all of [the sponsors], as soon as I put it out there I don’t have to ask,” Boatright said. “It’s grown so much and we start at a certain time but we start getting lines of people at 8 a.m. even though we start at 11 a.m.”

Boatright grew up with “not a lot of money” so she wanted to give everyone the chance to have a full Thanksgiving dinner. 

Each whole turkey comes with a bag of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, pie filling, marshmallows and cornbread. 

Boatright and Mann, who owns A Creative Learning Center, pored through spreadsheets of sponsors who donated money to purchase the turkeys.

“It’s been a lot of work, a lot of organizing, a lot of spreadsheets and a lot of collecting,” said Mann, who is helping on her second annual giveaway. “It’s been awesome, we’re a great team together. This year is the most sponsors we’ve ever had.”

Sponsorships start at $100, then silver sponsorships at $250 and gold at $500. Frequent sponsors include Climate Express, Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center, Go Green Botanicals, House Hunters, Comal Care, local medical rehabs and insurance companies. 

This year’s main sponsor is nonprofit Room Redux, which redecorates abused children’s rooms to give them a mental reset in a comfortable environment that’s made just for them.

Room Redux recently passed its 100th Room Transformation and will have one in New Braunfels on Dec. 9.

“This is our first time sponsoring it,” Room Redux founder and CEO Susie Vybiral said. “Mercy is a good friend of mine and I’ve been involved in the past years helping stuff the bags and giving them out to people in cars. I just love it, I think it’s super exciting whenever individuals or businesses or nonprofits can all help our community and do our part.”

Boatright said she is grateful for all the sponsors who organized or donated or will help directly hand out turkeys.

“It’s so exciting the sponsors become volunteers, they get to come in and they love it and that’s why for the next year on the second day [of the giveaway] they jump in and say of course we’re helping next year.”

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