SWAT standoff

A standoff between SWAT officers and a 29-year-old man ended with the man shot and taken to a San Antonio hospital on Friday afternoon

A police standoff ended Friday afternoon with New Braunfels SWAT officers shooting a 29-year-old man after he emerged from a bathroom pointing a gun at officers, authorities said. 

Authorities said the man is in serious but stable condition after the incident which capped a two and a half hour standoff. The New Braunfels Police Department received a call at 11:05 a.m. about a disturbance with weapons in the 200 block of Clemens Avenue.

“Officers arrived to find the man had locked himself in the bathroom and would not come out,” said David Ferguson, NBPD public information officer. “He was believed to be armed.”

The crisis negotiation team arrived and began negotiations with the man, which lasted for more than two hours.

As negotiations began to fail and SWAT readied to force entry, officers began to smell smoke coming from the bathroom.

“The suspect exited the bathroom and pointed a gun at officers, and officers fired, striking the man,” Ferguson said.

An emergency services vehicle was on standby and the subject was apprehended and transported to San Antonio Medical Center.

Bystander and eyewitness Justin Upshaw described the events as he saw them.
“I was just in the right place at the right time, I was going a couple blocks over from my home to Arlan’s when I saw there was an armored vehicle already parked there at the intersection,” Upshaw said.
Upshaw said he saw smoke pouring out of windows from a corner home and
three officers dressed in tactical gear approach the window.
“Then the guy came bursting out of the window with one hand out, it looked like he was trying to breathe, and the officers told him to get both of his hands where they could see them,” Upshaw said.
Upshaw said as soon as the man put both hands out police moved in on him,
secured his hands and head, and pull the man out the window.
“It happened really fast once they got him out, two officers were on him and
keeping him from hurting anyone or himself,” Upshaw said.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Police used the reverse 911 system to contact homes in the area to alert them to the situation and make them aware that it had ended.

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Dana Kuhn

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