All-American Bowl

Canyon wide receiver Callon Farr has been selected to play in this coming Monday’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington — home of the Dallas Cowboys. Farr will be a member of the West team.

Canyon senior wide receiver Callon Farr is the latest area athlete to prove that hard work pays off.

After seeing the final portion of his junior season ended by a torn ACL, Farr committed himself to making it back for 2019 better than ever. Along the way, Farr drew an invite to the Blue-Grey All-American Combine super regionals this summer, and after performing extremely well, he was chosen for this coming Monday’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Farr will be a member of the West squad and will compete alongside — and against — some of the top talent from throughout the United States.

The senior said it’s a prime opportunity to enjoy one final prep football game as well as test his skills at a high level.

“It’ll be awesome to face guys from other states,” Farr said. “At the super combine to get selected to play, there were kids from all over the country. It’s good to play against talent like that. It’ll be all about having fun with all the guys that made it there and competing with them and seeing what each individual’s limits are.”

Farr first advanced to the super combine after shining at a regional event in Houston back in May of 2018. Canyon fans are already well aware of his ability to change a game in an instant, as he has been the Cougars’ leading receiver for three consecutive seasons.

During that span, Farr has made 118 receptions for 1,671 yards and 13 touchdowns — all while playing in a primarily run-first offense.

The senior said he’s not yet sure if the gridiron will be in his future down the line, as baseball looks to also be a possibility.

“I’ve just been taking it one step at a time,” Farr said. “I know if I do this and there are coaches there, then I can possibly get some football offers. I’ve been doing baseball stuff now and whatever opportunity comes my way, I’ll look into it and see where I go from there.”

Farr said the journey back from his knee injury required plenty of dedication and mental toughness.

“It’s going to physical therapy and always having the right mindset and making sure you don’t get down on yourself about it,” the senior said. “Believe that you’ll come back to your old self or even better than you were before.”

The Blue-Grey All-American Bowl is set for Monday, Dec. 16 at noon at AT&T Stadium. The West and East rosters will be coached by a team of former NFL players and coaches, including former Dallas Cowboy George Teague and former Arizona Cardinal Larry Centers.

After Farr returns to New Braunfels, he’ll turn his attention to helping the Cougar baseball team get off to a solid start under new head coach Jim Blair.

“I had to sit out my junior year, which is an important year for baseball, but I didn’t think about it,” Farr said. “I cheered on my team and now I’m getting ready for my senior season.”

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