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Q. Can you give us any guidance on controlling cut ants and reducing the damage they do?

In surveying my own life journey through the decades, it is clear that a very early fascination with and appreciation for trees developed. 

Q. Based on your column a few weeks ago I checked, and we do have scale on our peach tree. What happens if we do not spray it? We do not have …

Priscella Jean Hayes Becker born August 2, 1943 changed her permanent residence to heaven on January 1, 2021 where she joined her parents, brother and many dear loved friends.

Q.  Our neighbor had a lawn care company apply a half inch of compost to their lawn. It looks like such a miniscule amount, how could the lawn…

Q. Should we have covered our broccoli before the freeze? It is showing freeze damage from that cold weather we experienced three weeks ago.