Editor’s Note: Each Sunday in February, as part of Black History Month, the Herald-Zeitung will publish a column that profiles a prominent African-American contribution to New Braunfels and its history. 

Robert Millett was born in Caldwell county in1934 and moved to New Braunfels at a early age with his family father Waymon, and mother, Doris Millett.  

Robert grew up on Comal street and  is one of 16 children, 2 boys and 14 girls. 

Because times were hard then Robert went to work at a early age to help his father  and mother  take care of the family. 

Being a hard  and dedicated worker Robert worked many jobs. 

There were seven children born to Robert and his wife Billie Joyce; four boys and three girls.  

After his wife Billie passed, he married his present wife, Cynthia. 

In 1986, Robert decided to start his own company. With a pickup truck, 1 trailer and 28 toilets he stepped out as the of  owner High Sierra Toilets. 

Today, the company has grown now employing 25 workers and a fleet of 15 trucks, and thousands of toilets up to a 100-mile radius of NewBraunfels. 

After 32 years his business is yet successful and growing with contracts with the military, schools and other businesses. 

You can see his toilets along highways and streets where construction is going on.

 Robert is very active in his church; the S.C. Temple Missionary Church, servicing as one of the building committee members, and choir member. 

He and his choir travels around the communities singing, and praising God in song. 

Robert Millett another one of many African American contributions to New Braunfels history.

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