Ernie Wittwer

For at least the past 40 years people have been seeking elective office by bashing the very institutions and agencies they were seeking to be a part of or even to head. As the old joke says: They claim government doesn’t work and, every once in a while, they get elected and prove it. People in both parties have proven it many times. With each proof and/or major mess-up, the level of understanding of and support for government has fallen. 

If there can be any positive outcomes from our current health crisis, I hope that one will be a broader recognition that we need effective government. 

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An outstanding assessment of the current Covid19 situation in America Mr. Wittwer. The only thing I would "slightly" disagree with is your opinion regarding status of our country's healthcare system.

While it is one of the best in the world, it's not near the best for a large and significant portion of Americans. Why? Because they can't afford to purchase health insurance. We have literally tens of millions of Americans that still do not have access to the "best" healthcare system in the world! Not surprisingly, we're finding there is a huge disparity of minority ethnicities that are falling victim to Covid 19 as compared to white Americans and it's primarily due to lack of healthcare.

Politics has played a huge reason for this disparity in healthcare. The republican party has failed to live up to the president's promise to deliver the "best and cheapest" healthcare plan for this country. This republican leadership hasn't offered even one alternative healthcare plan and came within a vote of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The republican party and President Trump have taken to systematically defunding the ACA since they didn't have the votes to repeal the ACA outright.

Since they were unable to repeal the ACA under Trump, the present administration has taken their case directly to the Supreme Court to declare ACA unconstitutional in the midst of a pandemic in which over 130,000 Americans have died in less than six months. If successful, we'll have nearly 25-30 million Americans immediately lose their healthcare in the midst of this virus!

Texas has the largest percentage of its residents without healthcare insurance in America and this is directly due to our governor who refuses to provide Medicaid assistance to aid the poor in Texas (a provision in the ACA) despite the fact that most of the expenses incurred by the state would be reimbursed by the federal government.

Our federal and Texas state governments have severely failed the poor in America and in this state in giving them "an equal" opportunity to survive this pandemic simply because republican leadership is denying that access.

Ernie Wittwer

Your conclusions about our health care system are correct. We do have enormous medical resources. We have no system.

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