In life you have a few friends with whom you seem to go through the same things at about the same time. With my friends from college, for example, we all seemed to have gotten married within a few years of each other. 

Also, all of our children are about the same age. Along the way you can share experiences with those friends and your friendships form the basis of the best support group you will ever have.

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Bob Page

Sorry for you lose. Maybe you can tell us What underlying conditions did he have? You know as well as anyone, the government had been very LIBERAL with declaring what someone died from. So before you blame Trump for the death of your friend how bout coming clean with the Rest of the story.

Jim Sohan

Wow! You people just don't get it or more correctly don't want to get it. Taken to the extreme no one should be considered to have died from COVID-19 because we'e all going to die eventually, COVID-19 simply expedited it. Is there any flavor of the kool-aid you don't like.

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