Political reporters get lots of emails from politicians during election periods — mostly because we are on press lists, or sign up for campaign mailings.

Many emails ask for campaign donations. We read them to check what they’re telling people about why they should send them money.

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Jim Sohan

This is exactly what it boils down to for me. In my lifetime, I may or may not have voted for a President or agreed with all of their policies and decisions, but in the end, I think they were all trying to do what they felt was best for the nation and the people. What’s best for the nation and the people is way down on the list of what is important to Donald Trump. Your examples of their “visions” for the future make this perfectly clear. I’ve been a Republican for all my voting life, but I’ll vote for Joe Biden simply because he has an uplifting vision for the future of the nation. Again, I might not agree with all his policies or positions, but a genuinely feel his first priority is this great nation and its people, and he’ll work to improve the lives of everyone.

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