Am I a racist if I vote for Trump?

“….. if someone chooses to vote for Donald Trump again in 2020, they are a racist.” 

That’s a curious way to conclude an attempt to encourage constructive conversation on the toxic nature of racism in our country. 

A recent letter to the editor raised the bar for incendiary rhetoric and prejudicial accusation, the likes of which I have not read in our paper before. 

If you have not read the recent letter, “A question on racism,” you should. It is an interesting journey into the alternate reality of identity politics and its tacit sanction of generalization. 

It is also a disturbing glimpse into the irrational mindset of moral relativism which apparently allows any of us to accuse anyone else of just about anything. No empirical evidence needed and no holds barred. Being judgmental allows anyone to be judge, jury and executioner in the court of public opinion with total disregard for truth or fairness.

The writer begins by stating, “A lot of people are adamant that they’re not racist because they voted for Trump.” 

I suppose he was expecting me to be astonished by that incredibly insightful revelation. I was not. Apparently, any attempt to convince him otherwise is an exercise in futility. 

Three different times in the article, the writer confessed that he was compelled to determine whether or not he was going to “buy” the argument that supporters of President Trump are not racists. 

I believe that the real possibility that no one is trying to “sell” him anything remains elusive. 

I do appreciate that he offered up the option of not voting for a racist when we could instead vote for a crook or a traitor. Thanks for that confirmation of the double standard.

Since I believe God is the only moral authority, the writer’s thoughtful consideration of whether I am a racist or not is meaningless to me. 

I know I will be righteously judged in time but it will be by no man. And that’s the truth. But when necessary, I will always defend myself and my right to hold my own opinion. In essence, what he thinks of me is irrelevant in the truest sense of the word.

It should be obvious to most that opposing views are essential in the exchange of ideas, which is a critical component of problem-solving. Using his same litmus test, I doubt he would be okay with the allegation that anyone who votes for the 2020 Democratic nominee is a “baby killer” or a “socialist.” 

I wouldn’t be. Why would anyone attach such hateful labels to a group of individuals they don’t even know? 

That is profoundly irresponsible and the very definition of bias.

So, here’s the equivalent of a pop quiz: 

Tens of millions of voters will exercise their constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice in 2020. The writer declares that “knowing” everything we know today, if someone chooses to vote for President Trump, they are a racist.

Do you think that this is a reasonable and justifiable indictment of their character and values? 

No? Congratulations, you passed.

Unfortunately, his accusation also includes many young people who are now eligible to vote for the first time. Peer pressure may influence how they cast their vote denying them the liberty of voting their conscience. They may even choose not to vote at all. 

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I truly don’t give a damn what color you are. Like it or not, we are all in THIS battle together. My prayer is that we stop the name-calling and start acting like we’re on the same side.

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Del Loy

By the previous comment's own standard, anyone voting as a Democrat would be categorized as racist since the Democrat Party has historically supported racists and participated in segregation on a massive scale.

Jim Sohan

Sorry, not really a good counterpoint. Your argument presupposes nothing can ever really change in this country, even though the Democratic Party has changed for the better when it comes to confronting racism. My argument is things can change, and change for the better, but doing so is going to require people to take a hard look at themselves, what positions they take, what they believe in, etc. I think both Democrats and Republicans need to take a hard look at themselves, realize no one benefits by staking positions in the extreme and being unwilling to work together, but racism, and standing up against racism and those who promote or encourage it should be a non-partisan issue. It’s simply doing what is right!

Jim Sohan

So, because I don’t personally know any of the neo-nazi protestors from Charlottesville, I can’t come to the conclusion that they’re racist? Perhaps you would be more comfortable if I had asked simply if Trump supporters should be viewed as enablers of Trump’s racist tendencies by voting for him. The problem is no one is going to really be bothered being called an enabler compared to being called a racist. I think it’s important to get people to consider all the consequences of their voting for Trump, not just selected consequences such as tax cuts or Supreme Court appointees, or things they deem beneficial to them personally. Being nice doesn’t force people to ask themselves those tough questions. Yes, it’s arguable whether or not someone is a racist by voting for Trump, but linking racism and the decision to vote for Trump together, “forces” people to take a harder look at themselves and who they really are based on their willingness to support, or not support Donald Trump in the future. Calling someone a racist may seem harsh, but consider that in many states if someone is killed or died during a crime, anyone involved in the crime can be charged with murder even if they didn’t commit the crime or the person killed was one of the individuals who committed the crime. So, thinking along those lines, even an unintentional racist, would still be a racist. Regardless of who you vote for in 2020, please remember it’s more than just the candidates polices, positions, etc., it’s also about the soul of America, what makes America America. We can agree on one thing though, the last paragraph of your response, just remember, it’s a two-way street.

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